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Hold Up, Massachusetts! Don’t Let Your Deck Turn Into a Nightmare

Updated: Jan 24

Hey there Bay Staters, listen up! If your deck is looking more rickety than the Old North Bridge in Concord, it’s time for a remodel. Sure, some of you die-hards may try to tough it out through the cold New England winters, but putting it off will only make that deck wicked worse faster than you can order a bowl of New England clam chowder.

Think about it - as your deck rots faster than the pilgrim’s pumpkins after the first Thanksgiving feast, it gets weaker than Samuel Adams’ first batch of lager. One wrong step and you’ll take a spill bigger than the Great Molasses Flood that swept through the North End back in 1919! And while you’re cozier than Boston baked beans on a cold winter day, hiding from the freezing weather, that deterioration spreads like the Salem Witch Trials hysteria of 1692.

Take it from your neighbors right here in the Bay State. Remodeling now before things get uglier than the G-String Man will save you more clams than a whole bucket of steamers from Essex. Nipping those problems in the bud stops mold spreading faster than rabid Sox fans rushing Fenway Park when the team wins a game.

And your deck will look sweeter than a bowl of Cranberry Bog ice cream from Four Seas Ice Cream in Centerville or a piece of the classic Toll House chocolate chip cookie first created in Whitman. Listen here folks, your deck will be more dazzling than the stunning glass flowers exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History!

Give your deck the amazing glow-up it deserves! A remodel increases safety more than strapping into a rollercoaster at Canobie Lake Park. It improves functionality better than the first Crock Pot invented in Massachusetts. And it makes your home shine brighter than the gleaming golden dome of the Massachusetts State House!

Contact us today to give your deck some Massachusetts love before it’s too late! With our expertise, we’ll have your deck ship-shape and looking finer than the USS Constitution sailing out of Charlestown Harbor. Don’t settle for a deck that’s uglier than the traffic on the Sagamore Bridge in the summer. Take action faster than Paul Revere’s midnight ride and let us restore your deck before it gets so bad it makesProvincetown’s haunted bay ghost stories seem tame!

With new sturdy boards, safe railings, and quality craftsmanship, you’ll be relaxing on your deck happily once again - maybe even enjoying a tasty lobster roll from Kelly’s Roast Beef or a creamy dish of Boston Cream Pie. So call on us to save your deck today! We service all over MA from the Berkshires to Martha’s Vineyard, so we’ve got you covered no matter where you call home in our great state. Let us make your deck the envy of the neighborhood!


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